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For those who like to get to brass tacks. Here are the rules we try to follow as best as we possibly can. So should you! If you find our policies to be inconsistent with our actions, please let us know. We are striving to create a consistent and transparent working studio environment for everyone!


Check the bottom of the page for our opening hours, if your thinking of coming after hours a booking is manditory for all students and staff, the full policy is written below:


Check the bottom of the page for our opening hours, if your thinking of coming after hours a booking is manditory for all students and staff, the full policy is written below:


Access to the Woodshop is subject to safety Authorization

Hours are listed at the bottom of the site. FabLab and CMD P are subject to the availability of our SEP lab monitors, and will return to 9-5pm during the semester when SEP lab monitors aren’t available (generally at the beginning of semester, and during Finals)


In Short

FM, FabLab Staff and Lab monitors have 24 hours access to our studios. Students and Other Faculty have Access to the studios only when they hold a Booking or under the Supervision of FabLab Staff (during opening hours).

Only FM and FabLab Staff retain Access to Support spaces, all other access to support spaces must be conducted in the presence of FM or FabLab Staff.


  1. FabLab Monitors, may supervise Students in allowing those students to access studios without a booking during Extended Access.

  2. Faculty May Supervise students without a booking during the course of a booking which they hold.


This access policy applies to the following Spaces defined as

  1. Studios:

    1. Woodshop, RM 169 and 169a

    2. FabLab, RM 167 and 167b

    3. FlexLab, RM 172

    4. Spray Booth, RM 172c

  2. Support spaces:

    1. Office, RM 167a

    2. Storage, RM 172b

    3. Warehouse, RM 172d

And to the following Users defined as

  1. FM:

    1. All VCU Facilities Management staff,

    2. any contractor,

    3. QF representative working on behalf of FM.

  2. FabLab Staff:

    1. The Woodshop and Fablab Coordinator,

    2. Assistant Manager,

    3. FabLab and Woodshop Technicians

  3. FabLab Monitors

  4. Students: Currently enrolled Students

  5. Faculty and Staff: All other Faculty and Staff.

During the Time Frames Defined as

  1. 24 hour Access: 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week, During the academic semester, Staff Contract Periods, whilst the building is open and attended by security, unless otherwise advertised by the VCUQ FabLab Staff

  2. Booking Access: Whilst a user has a booking logged in the FabLab booking system, allowing the user to to access the space on that day, before and after the booking, in order to prepare and clean the studio space.

  3. Opening Hours: Are defined by FabLab Staff and fall within the access rules defined by this policy.

  4. Extended Access: Defined by FabLab Staff and informed to security in advance of extended access.



General Rules For All Spaces

  1. All of our users must adhere to all labeled safety signage in studio spaces

  2. All of our users are required to promptly follow the instructions of our Technicians and Sep Monitors with regards to the specific safety rules outlined below  

WoodShop Safety Outline:

Authorization is required before access is permitted to the wood shop

Working Hours

  • 9 AM- 4:30 PM

 Dress Code

  • No loose clothing

  • Closed toe shoes

  • Long hair should be tied and shelas should be tucked

  • Lab coats available

  • No loose jewelry or watches

  • Eye protection is a must

  • Ear protection is highly recommended

WoodShop Exhaust System

  • Most machines have ducts connected to them, which are a part of the Lab’s exhaust system.

  • The ducts on the machines should be unblocked; the metallic piece should be pulled outwards



  1. Tool Checkouts are available to all students and faculty authorized to use the shop

  2. By default checkouts last 48 hours

  3. Late returns will result in loss of checkout privileges

  4. Missing, or Damaged items will incur a replacement fee, for the individual replacement fees please consult the FabLab staff prior to checkout. If replacement fee is never paid, a hold will be placed on students graduation from VCU Arts Qatar until payment is made




The Woodshop and FabLab is intended as an open access space with a capacity of 10 students per lab. Whilst we can expand to meet the demands of class projects, some considerations need to be made:

  1. Notice of 3 Weeks is required when more than 10 pieces of a given FabLab store material is required by a project, or if self supplied materials will be used.

  2. Notice of at least week, and a lab booking required for use of a space for class purposes. 3 Weeks recommended

  3. Technical support during class time is subject to prior arrangement with lab, and usually requires the presence of faculty.

  4. It is the faculty responsibility to ensure all projects and scrap materials are removed from the Labs and Flex Lab benches immediatly following any booking.